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Filipino Actors And Actresses

Filipino Actors And Actresses Biography.
Arnel Pineda
Arnel Pineda is a Filipino singer, a former vocalist of The Zoo. Through YouTube, he is now an international star and a vocalist of a famous band, Journey.
Angelika Dela Cruz
 Maria Lourdes Egger Dela Cruz is the real name of the Filipina actress and singer, Angelika Dela Cruz. She was able to release several albums but excel as an actress in the Philippine showbusiness.
 Afterimage is a Filipino pop rock band, composed of Bobit Unson, Chuck Isidro, Rogie Callejo, Arnold Cabalza and Wency Cornejo. Formed on 1990 until 2001 and made a comeback on 2008.
Ariel Rivera
 Jose Ariel Jimenez Rivera is a successful singer, actor, an artist and also an architect.
Acel Bisa-van Ommen
 Maria Cecilia Beronilla Bisa-van Ommen is a Filipino singer known for her Torete songs. She is much recognized as Acel Bisa or Acel van Ommen.
Apo Hiking Society
Apo Mabini Hiking Society is muck kown as Apo Hiking Society, a famous band of Filipino musicians. The band is composed of three members; Jim Paredes, Danny Javier and Garrovillo.
Aiza Seguerra
 Aiza Seguerra is a foums Filipina singer and an actress. She was first recognized as a child actress and made a comeback on her teen years. She?s open regarding her gender.
 Asin is a popular Filipino band of folk rock music. Formerly called Salt of the Earth, the name was changed for more Pinoy taste. Currently, the band is made up of two members, Nene Carbon and Pendong Aban.
Aaron Agassi
Aaron Agassi is a Filipino actor and singer. He is more popular as a singer and simply named himself “Aaron”. He has released an album “Right Next To Me” under Universal Records.
Amy Cruz
Amy Cruz is a Filipina singer, known for her exotic look and charming ways. She conquered not only in her native country but also the world. She released 2 albums, one in the country and another in London.
Aryana is a half-Filipina singer and entertainer. She was dubbed as Pride of Guam where she was born. As one of the latest addition to Universal Records’ talents, she released an album in the Philippines.
Agatha Cobia Obar
Agatha Cobia Obar is a Filipino multi-talented artist. She is well known for her singing and compositing talents as well as playing the piano and being a music teacher.
Aleck Bovick
Maria Teresa Bovick Tambis is the real name of a former sexy actress, Aleck Bovick. From sizzling movie actress, she transformed herself into a singer and a passionate rock performer in the local music scene.
Amber Davis
Amber Alejo Rowley Davis is a Filipino-American singer. She was also called Amber or Amber Davis. She is known for her rendition of Manila. She not only penetrated the local scene but also internationally.
Annie Brazil
Annie Brazil is a Filipino singer. Specializing in Jazz and the length of stay in that special genre, she is tagged as the only Asia’s Queen of Jazz.
Ate Glow
Rene Boy Facunla is a Filipino comedian and singer. He is very popular with his screen name as “Ate Glow”, impersonating our very own, Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. He already released an album in the country.
Arnee Hidalgo
Ma. Arnebelle Dela Cruz Hidalgo is the real name of Arnee Hidalgo, one of the Philippines’ most talented RnB singer and recording artist. She is the Philippines’ RnB Siren on 2003.
Aubrey Miles
Aubrey Sandel is the real name of a Aubrey Miles, the renowned sexy actress, singer, model and TV host. She is known for her movie Prosti and released an eponymous album on 2003.
Agot Isidro
Maria Margarita Amada Fteha Isidro-Sandejas is an actress, singer, performer, recording artist, host and a TV personality in the Philippines, best known as Agot Isidro, the original Crush Ng Bayan.
Anthony Castelo
Anthony Cecilio Castelo is a Filipino artist and an accomplished international artist. Known as Anthony Castelo, he is dubbed as the Philippines’ King of Love Songs.
Allan K.
Allan Quilantang is a Filipino actor, a stand-out comedian, singer and host. He is famous as Allan K in TV and dubbed as The Pambansang Ilong Ng Pilipinas.
Maria Lynn Domiguez Velasquez is a Filipino actress turned singer. Known as Alynna, she is dubbed as the “Sarah Brightman in the Philippines” because of her knowledge in different genres.
Ala Paredes
Angela “Ala” Paredes is an American citizen. She is an Australia-based Filipino environmental activist, commercial model and writer who, at various times in her career, was also a TV host, VJ, advice columnist, and vocalist for Filipino alternative band Hiraya. Since she moved to Australia, she became one of the correspondents covering Australia for the Philippines’ ABS-CBN News & Current Affairs.
Agaw Agimat
Agaw Agimat is a Filipino band that is famous in their politics-themed songs. These songs mostly deal with the change of government for the benefits of the people. The band is located in Manila, Philippines.
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Filipino Actors And Actresses
Filipino Actors And Actresses
Filipino Actors And Actresses
Filipino Actors And Actresses
Filipino Actors And Actresses
Filipino Actors And Actresses
Filipino Actors And Actresses
Filipino Actors And Actresses
Filipino Actors And Actresses 
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